April 2018

Chairmanship of an ISO standardisation committee

At the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Axel Tammen, Head of Technology & Quality Assurance at HANSA-FLEX AG, has been elected chairman of the committee on hydraulic hose lines. In the course of the election the graduate engineer was appointed to his highly responsible post by a unanimous vote.


As chairman of the ISO subcommittee on “ISO/TC45/SC01 Rubber and plastics hoses and hose assemblies”, Axel Tammen will over the coming six years be responsible for the committee’s strategic business plan, its operations and the working groups assigned to him. In this capacity he will, among other tasks, take the chair at meetings of the committee and mediate between different national interests in order to establish a working consensus for every individual standardisation project.


The primary objective of the committee consists of adapting the standards relating to hydraulic hose lines to technical market developments. These developments are characterised on the one hand by higher performance capacities and longer product life cycles, and on the other by increased safety requirements. As a result the committee’s current programme covers 36 ISO standards, including norms which describe the requirements relating to the impulse testing or storage life of hose lines.


Axel Tammen is extremely well qualified for his new ISO role. He already has more than 20 years’ experience in global, European and German standardisation organisations and – as a project manager or working group leader – has brought a number of DIN, EN and ISO standards projects to a successful conclusion. His election to the chairmanship of this committee, which is made up of high-calibre international experts, is both personal recognition for his long-standing contribution to the work of standardisation, and an honour for the entire HANSA-FLEX corporate group.