Moulded hoses

Maximum flexibility. Minimum space.

Where conventional pipework reaches its natural limits, HANSA-FLEX EPDM moulded hoses are a perfect and cost-effective solution. 

Whether it is for construction machinery, diesel engines on ships, commercial vehicles or compressors – tight and complicated installation conditions often require bending radii that simply cannot be achieved with ordinary pipework. This is where highly elastic moulded hoses come into their own, as they can be produced to almost any geometry. Moulded hoses also balance tolerances more effec-tively.


They can therefore be used as vibration damp-ers and reliably prevent leaks and breakages due to vibration. As a system partner in fluid technology, HANSA-FLEX now offers moulded hoses that perfectly complement its proven pipework range.


The moulded hoses are available through all offices and feature precision, robust quality, a long service life and excellent value for money. Components can be made of EPDM, NBR, SBR, ECO or CR depending on your requirements. 

From development to series production

The HANSA-FLEX warehouse has a basic range of all kinds of moulded hoses.  However, in most cases, particularly for new constructions, customised solutions are needed, exactly tailored to meet the manufacturer’s specifications. HANSA-FLEX Full Service is the best solution here. Our engineering services cover everything from development of the moulded hoses to sampling and the transition to series production. If space co-ordinates are not spec-ified by the customer, HANSA-FLEX uses its measuring equipment to calculate the XYZ data. The specifications are used to produce a moulded mandrel out of steel or stainless steel, with a geometry that exactly represents that of the moulded hose that will subsequently be produced. Vulcanised metal or rubber components can be incorporated or attached to realise almost any conceivable design or mounting alternatives. 

Consistent quality and long service life

HANSA-FLEX moulded hoses are produced from various materials, including EPDM. Ethylene-propylene rubber is resistant to aqueous media and is thus frequently used in applications with cooling water. This versatile material also has excellent resistance to ageing, weathering and ozone, and can be used in a temperature range of -50°C to +150°C. 

Molded hoses - individual solutions for all geometries

  • Moulded hoses, materials include EPDM, NBR, SBR, ECO, CR
  • Resistant to aqueous media
  • Excellent resistance to ageing, weathering and ozone
  • -50 °C to +150 °C
  • Customised solutions for almost any bending radius
  • Vulcanised metal or rubber components can be
  • Incorporated or added
  • Special metal mounting systems
  • Full Service package from development and sampling through to the transition to series production
  • On request, determination of space / geometry data

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