Special pipes
and fittings

Complex challenges. Precise solutions.

HANSA-FLEX produces special pipes and fittings in any desired form. As original equipment or as replacement parts. Quickly, precisely and in tried and proven quality.

Complex hydraulic systems require pipes and fittings beyond the scope of standard ranges. What is needed are custom – in the truest sense of the word unique – special connections. In order to meet those tough challenges, HANSA-FLEX operates a specialist manufacturing centre for special pipes and fittings in Weixdorf near Dresden. Any conceivable component can be produced, to computer-controlled precision levels. 

The uncompromising quality is attained regardless of whether the order is for a single item or a production run of any lot size. Whether as original equipment or replacement parts: there is no better way to combine functionality and safety. Wherever a key piece is lacking to put the finishing touch, HANSA-FLEX can provide the custom connection. And all in a very short time. So that production is able to start on time and keep on running to schedule.

Special pipes – safety in every bend

The pipe bending department operates computer-controlled bending machines on which pipes in lengths of up to 6,000 mm and in a wide range of materials, such as steel, stainless steel, copper or aluminium, can be bent to their final precision shape in a matter of seconds. The left / right bending technique permits even extremely tight radius sequences on up to three different bend planes  – all in one pass. The extreme manufacturing accuracy meets the highest precision demands, to within 0.3 mm over the full length. Combination with hydraulic hoses is also effected safely and reliably.

Special fittings – unlimited variety

Cutting ring connections, R & D flare connections for brake pipes, soldered connections and beading, as well as 37° triple-lock and 90° O-lock flares and commercially available forming systems 24° sealing cone for form-fit connections according to ISO 8434-1/DIN 2353 are produced for the pipes according to customers’ needs. The range is supplemented by special fittings for a wide variety of applications. The range extends from multiply bent fittings, through custom shaped adapters with various threads, to complex collectors and pipe manifolds. This helps to avoid towers of screw fittings, and the risk of leakage is minimised.

Advice and engineering

The specialists in Weixdorf near Dresden has extensive experience and know-how in the field of special pipes and fittings. And they are happy to pass it on to their customers. In conjunction with the HANSA-FLEX engineering and system manufacturing centre, complex hydraulic assemblies are also designed and produced.

HANSA-FLEX special pipes and fittings – original equipment and replacement parts

  • Precision pipes in stainless steel, steel, copper and aluminium, also in combination with hydraulic hoses
  • Maximum length 6000 mm, manufacturing accuracy 0.3 mm over the full length
  • Single items and mass production runs
  • Data storage for reproduction
  • All commonly used connection variants available
  • Special fitting fabrications (multiply bent fittings, adapters, collectors and pipe manifolds)
  • Assemblies prefabricated for quick installation
  • Short delivery lead times

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