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Filter technology made by HANSA-FLEX ensures a smooth operation of your plant and machinery. Effective filtration is the basic prerequisite in order for highly sensitive hydraulic systems to remain functional. Solid and liquid impurities cause abrasion, which in turn increases wear and promotes corrosion. This has a negative effect on the physicalchemical properties of hydraulic fluids.


The performance of the filter elements determines the purity of the fluids and hence the life span of any hydraulic system. Whatever type of hydraulic application, HANSA-FLEX has the appropriate filter solution.

Our product range includes:

Suction filter

Suction filter

Protect the pump and system against coarse contaminants. These should be installed easily accessible in the suction line just before the hydraulic pump.

Pressure filter

Pressure filter

Always a good solution. Designed for pressures of 25-450 bar, they are used as full or partial flow filters. Whether line filter, flange filter or filter in a sandwich plate design – the filters are always matched perfectly to each application.

Duplex filters

Duplex filters

With a single-hand operation and lossless conversion of the flow of fluids our duplex filters offer the highest efficiency. Applicable in low and medium pressure range or as return line filters. This way maintenance can be carried during the machine operation.

Return filter

Return filter

Catch the entire dirt that is carried by the oil to the tank. Therefore the return filter prevents dirt particles to return to the oil circuit via the tank and the pump.

Bypass filter

Bypass filter


The optimal solution for the filtration of large quantities of oil during machine operation. Available as stationary or mobile version.

Breather filter

Breather filter

Built to guarantee the contaminant-free air supply of containers. This way a safe and clean refuelling and venting of hydraulic tanks can be ensured.

HANSA-FLEX Fluid Service optimises

Around 70% of all system failures can be prevented with a fluid management system in place, as even fresh oil is often delivered with considerable impurities.

Our fluid service analyses the condition of the oil during machine operation. Based on the data obtained measures are recommended. These are always based on the state of the fluid and are therefore carried out cost-effectively. With the HANSA-FLEX Fluid Service you are handing over your vital oil analysis and maintenance projects to our experienced specialists. HANSA-FLEX filter technology combined with our fluid service is the best solution to maximize the service times of your machines.

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