May 2019

More space for humans and bees

Since its first beginnings in a garage in 1991, the Hennigsdorf branch has enjoyed steady growth. While customer requirements and orders have risen steadily over the years, the available space has declined. After an initial expansion in 2000, HANSA-FLEX employees were able to celebrate the opening of their 300 m² new warehouse together with customers on 11 May. But here there is not only more space for goods, but also for smaller inhabitants of the earth: the bees.


Eight bee trees and bee-friendly hedges such as cherry laurel or broom were planted in the outdoor area of the hall. These flower at different times of the year so that the busy bees can find food all year round. These plants were christened together with the pupils of a school class at Hennigsdorfer Grundschule Nord - which had moved its lessons to the new warehouse - and a local beekeeper.



The children received a gift of honey from the beekeeper, whose jars were decorated with the logo of the nationwide initiative "Made in Germany - Made by Vielfalt". So the pupils should not only be shown that HANSA-FLEX supports diversity in all its forms, but that we can all learn one thing from the bees: They live a peaceful, friendly coexistence.