November 2019

Main sponsor of the ISO meeting in Berlin

HANSA-FLEX was the main sponsor of the recent annual meeting of the international ISO committees for hydraulic hose lines. The ISO/TC 045 Rubber and Rubber Products cluster meeting brought together more than 150 standardisation experts from all parts of the world to adapt international standards to technical developments in order to improve both performance and the associated increased safety requirements for products.


The meeting took place from 27 October to 1 November 2019 at the premises of DIN e.V. in Berlin. As the main sponsor, HANSAFLEX was able to support the hosts in organising the cluster meeting and thus make a contribution to an all-round successful event in a top international environment.


In his capacity as Chairman of Subcommittee 01 Rubber and Plastic Hoses and Hose Assemblies (ISO/TC045/SC01) Axel Tammen, Head of Technology & Quality Control at HANSA-FLEX AG, looks back on constructive and busy days with a large number of resolutions: "In Berlin, with 38 delegates from eleven nations, we drew up further resolutions on a total of 35 different ISO standard projects. The standards mentioned describe, among other things, the requirements for hose assemblies, such as impulse tests and storage periods".


Sub-committee 01 is divided into four working groups dealing respectively with industrial hoses, automotive hoses, hydraulic hoses and their test methods. Its area of responsibility currently includes 81 standards. Axel Tammen has headed Sub-committee 01 since early 2018. As chairman he is responsible, among other things, for the committee’s strategic orientation, chairing the meetings and reaching the final consensus within the working groups.