October 2019

Deefholt Dynamics e.V.: That was the Formula Student Season 2019

The young designers from Deefholt Dynamcis e.V. have already made it again: The Formula Student Season 2019 is behind them. For almost six months, the 51 students from the Private University of Economics and Technology in Vechta/ Diepholz had worked on their electric car in twelve different assemblies. In June at FS East in Hungary and in August at FS Spain they were able to show what they had under the hood in an international comparison. This led to rank 15 out of 20 in the overall ranking of Hungary - a fault in the electrical system had rendered the accelerator inoperative, which led to early elimination from the competition. In Spain, on the other hand, the 22km of the race track could be covered successfully - only problems in other disciplines cost points. The young designers from Deefholt Dymanics e.V. decided the 2019 Formula Stundent season with 26th place out of 39 in the overall standings. Now they look back proudly on their achievements and want to learn from their mistakes for the next season. We are looking forward to it!