June 2020

Company HQ will see major expansion: Setting a clear signal for the future

At an investment volume of 18 to 20 million euros, the extensive new building at Von-Thünen Street 14 is by far the largest construction project in the entire history of the company.  The new building complex is being constructed just a few minutes’ walk from company HQ at Zum Panrepel 44 on the Bremen-Mahndorf business park. Covering a total area of over four hectares, the two locations will together form the global headquarters of HANSAFLEX AG. The new location at Von-Thünen Street alone, which was acquired in the summer of 2018 together with the buildings on the site, measures around 18,000 m2.


Capacities for further growth

In the next few weeks the first construction vehicles will arrive here and start implementing the ambitious construction project. By the end of 2021 a total of four intelligently interconnected structures will then be created, offering a variety of logistical advantages as well as sufficient space for further growth and effective teamwork. “With this forward-looking new building at our preferred location, we are securing the capacity for further sustainable growth by the HANSA-FLEX Group”, emphasises Uwe Buschmann, who as the member of the Management Board responsible for logistics and materials management is largely in charge of the project. “In addition, with this ambitious and forward-looking investment decision we wish to send a positive signal to our workforce, customers and business partners in these turbulent economic times”.

Denis Jahja, Team Leader Property Management, (on the left) and Wolfgang Becker, Head of Internal Services, were in close contact with the architect in order to consider the wishes and requirements of the various departments.

Employee interests taken into account

The plans for the new building took shape long before the coronavirus crisis. Since the summer of 2019 the

planning committee led by Uwe Buschmann, Edwin Maringka, Head of Merchandise Management, and Wolfgang Becker, Head of Internal Services, has been working on the detailed basics of the new building project. As part of a “fast and lean process” they incorporated the wishes and requirements of the various departments involved, and “developed an extendable overall concept for the consolidation of the Bremen facilities in Von-Thünen Street, which had previously been decentrally located.” With the move to the new building, the previously used rented premises at Zum Panrepel 3 (currently hose line series production, accounts and Mobile Services) and the hose warehouse in Thalenhorst Street will be vacated.

The new building complex is being constructed just a few minutes’ walk from company HQ at Zum Panrepel 44 on the Bremen-Mahndorf business park. Covering a total area of over four hectares, the two locations will together form the global headquarters of HANSAFLEX AG.

Largest high-bay storage facility in Europe

In future the storage of the entire palletised hose products of the company group will be concentrated in one location at the central warehouse in Bremen. The logistical heart of the complex is an automated high-bay storage area with floor space of over 2,800 m2. “The new hose warehouse will certainly be the largest and most modern automatic high-bay storage facility for hose products in the whole of Europe”, emphasises Uwe Buschmann. With its height of 28 m and a total of 18,000 pallet spaces in the final development stage, it represents a massive expansion of capacity in the area of hose materials. HANSA-FLEX in Bremen currently has 11,500 pallet spaces in two manually operated warehouses.


Directly linked to the new high-bay warehouse, two interconnected logistics and production halls of over 2,700 and 3,300 m2 in size and a good 10 m in height are being built. A spacious picking area will be set up here and the hose line series production will be located nearby. The logistics movement area will be equipped with ultra-modern conveyor and control equipment, while a new warehouse management system will ensure shorter access times. In addition, four truck docking bays each for incoming and outgoing goods will ensure a significant increase in efficiency and smooth processes in the acceptance and dispatch of goods.


“The 2008/2009 financial crisis showed us how important it is to have the necessary supply capacity when demand picks up again,” Uwe Buschmann concludes.