March 2020

We are having green thoughts: The HANSA-FLEX mission statement 2020

At the beginning of this year there was a surprise for all HANSA-FLEX employees in Germany and the EU. A small jar of honey and a bag of bee pasture seeds was ready for the colleagues. Why? Because this year HANSA-FLEX would like to make a conscious effort to draw attention to environmental and climate protection and promote it itself. This will begin within the company's own ranks. After the death of bees and insects was a recurring theme in the media last year, HANSA-FLEX has decided to start at this point. 


The honey doesn't come from anywhere
Among the employees are three part-time beekeepers with their own bee colonies. HANSA-FLEX sponsored these last year. This brought together 180 kg of honey from nine bee colonies, which has now been distributed to all employees.


From blossom to honey
But so that each individual employee can also become active himself, there was a bag with bee pasture seeds on top. These can now be sown in spring and offer bees and insects a place to live in their blossom. With its mission statement campaign 2020, HANSA-FLEX is focusing on the value of "environmental awareness". The mission statement consists of six different values in total.